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A company dedicated to manufacturing HPL (High Pressure Laminated) technical doors, lockers, cubicles, cubicles with benches, benches for changing rooms, vanity units and cladding materials. These are compact doors for high-traffic buildings such as hospitals, schools, public buildings and so on.

Building for public use involves specific requirements which make it necessary to choose raw materials which combine hygiene, toughness and design.
- Hygiene: Our use of materials such as phenolic compact laminate board, aluminium and stainless steel ensures superior results in terms of cleaning and disinfecting, thanks to their smooth, bacteria-resistant surfaces and interior proof against penetration by dirt.
- Toughness: HPL phenolic compact board has good resistance to abrasion, good dimensional stability at high temperatures and good resistance to mechanical and chemical attacks, making it suitable for manufacturing products for public buildings.
- Design: Cooperation in the execution of contract projects, where designing specific solutions and customer prescription are the critical factors.
The priority at our firm is innovation, using high-quality materials, finding materials suitable for new uses in buildings and cooperating with customers to ensure that our products meet the prescribed technical specifications.


Liberfusta is in the process of implementing the Spanish PEFC forest certification system, which guarantees sustainable, traceable processing of wood, and FSC certification, which guarantees consumers that the forest products certified come from rationally-exploited woodlands.

Production processes

Liberfusta specialises in manufacturing using highly flexible processes with small batch sizes, as we produce to order in accordance with the technical specifications for each project (regarding use, quality, delivery times, etc.) set by our customers (architects, builders and joinery firms specialising in setting up fittings in public buildings), while adapting them to the assembly system for our products. 

Description of products:

Door leaf with beech edge
Door leaf with marine plywood edge
Door leaf with compact HP edge
Galvanised steel door cases
Stainless steel door cases
Aluminium door cases
Fire doors.
Acoustic doors.
X-ray doors.

TOILET CUBICLES Phenolic compact board

LOCKERS Phenolic compact board

INTERIOR WALL CLADDING Phenolic compact board



We offer the market a comprehensive range of doors aimed at high-traffic buildings, to form part of solutions which combine ergonomics and practicality with balance and smartness.
With a wide range of fittings and accessories according to site needs.

Leaves made up of a tubular particle board core surfaced on both sides with 2.5mm thick high-pressure laminate in the colours in the CUBIC series.


A wide range of toilet cubicles designed and manufactured to measure for easy installation and a perfect fit into any space. A modular system makes it easy to get the most out of the space in all types of setting, including industrial, educational and other environments.

CabiKit: Cubicles in kit form.


We supply a wide range of phenolic compact laminate lockers to fit out changing rooms and public areas.

Lockers made on the basis of modules 190cm in height, 30cm wide and 50cm deep.

TaqKit: Lockers are supplied in starter and extension modules, making it easy to expand capacity in the changing room.


Interior wall cladding adds warmth, attractiveness, comfort and style to architecture to make people feel more at home in a space.

We supply and mount wall panelling using concealed fittings attached to the walls. 


Frontages covered in phenolic panelling give the building adequate thermal insulation and good resistance to atmospheric agents, as well as saving energy.
These materials can be used both for refurbishment and for new buildings.

The system consists of:
Phenolic compact panelling.
Ventilated chamber.
Thermal insulation.
Sub-structure which passes on the loading from the panel to the supporting wall.


The hardness of these compact materials requires the use of more powerful tools than those used to work with softwood-based materials in order to obtain a good finish.

We therefore offer our services for cutting, machining and etching phenolic compact panels for all kinds of project, regardless of their size.

Table tops, signs, work surfaces for laboratories, special machining and so on.

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Liberfusta installs its acoustic doors for otorhinoloryngology outpatients area in the new University Hospital La Fe in Valencia...

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